Falling off the blogging bandwagon

Well, not long after my previous optimistic explanatory post, we got broken into. Our laptops were stolen, along with my carefully crafted draft posts, done with a word processor and not backed up, and all my photos I had been storing up for aforesaid posts. This was ironically the same week as International Backup Day. So make sure to backup, folks.

This was also less than two months to our wedding, so I threw up my hands in the air and chose to focus on the wedding blog and wedding prep, and gave up on my food blog. There just were not enough hours in the day. Post-wedding, all my prep work being gone and many physical thank-you cards to write, no blogging happened.

So there it lay, dormant for six months, waiting for me to return. Then last week I went to a London Bloggers Meetup, where we spent about four hours creating a blog from scratch, and I remembered how much I like blogging.

Well, I’m back now. I have new photos, new recipes, and stories to share. Sometimes you have setbacks, like when I tried to make my favourite cheese curd Lithuanian cepelinai this summer and they absolutely disintegrated into a soupy mess (we still ate the cheese bits). But then you pick yourself up and try again.

More soon….

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